Itsy Bitsy Masters (3-5 yrs)
This class teaches the basic fundamentals of Martial Arts. See More

Youth & Teens (6-18 yrs)
This program is designed to help students learn Tae Kwon Do and the basic skills of kicking, blocking and punching. See More

Adults (18+)
Adult students learn self-defense, confidence and are able to increase their fitness levels. See More

Submission Grappling
Grappling, joint manipulation and submissions are found in many disciplines of Martial Arts. See More

Students are trained to use the “Bow” (Long Staff) and Katana sword. See More

Demo Team
Our Demo Team is comprised of students who excel in Martial Arts training and in school. See More

Competition Team
Students are selected for our competition team based on their skills and overall potential. See More

Tae Kwon Bo “Boot Camp”
Want to lose weight or just be healthier? Try this fun, energetic class. See More

Summer Camp
If you’ re looking for a different kind of summer experience for your child…one that is in a safe environment and loads of fun…sign up today! See More

Birthday Parties
A Martial Arts birthday party is a fun, unique and memorable way to celebrate your child’s special day. MVTKD takes care of all the details, including set up and clean up, leaving you free to simply enjoy. There is no Martial Arts experience required so anyone can participate, and everyone will have a blast!

  What we can offer:    
  • Demo Team   • Mini Martial Arts classes
  • MVTKD belt   • Races & games
  • Paper goods (plates, utensils,   cups, napkins, etc)   • Cake cutting using a real Samurai sword
  • And much more    

To book a party, please call 305-235-3088 to reserve your date as early as possible. We require a deposit to secure a date. Saturday parties can be scheduled from 2:00 pm on, and Sunday parties from 12:30 on.

For more information, call 305-235-3088