belt promotions

Master Velazquez Tae Kwon Do Institute (MVTKD) has designed a system that allows students to develop their skills in a rewarding and effective manner. Students learn speed, flexibility, balance, strength and confidence with each new belt. Each step brings them closer to the ultimate goal in Martial Arts: Black Belt

How It Works

All students begin with a white belt. They then earn four colored stripes for that belt level representing combinations, kicks, forms and sparring. Once they have earned all four stripes, the students are tested in order to be promoted to the next rank. Students who pass are invited to a special Graduation Ceremony, which is usually held the last Friday of the month.

Belt Structure
White, Gold, Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Brown, Red & Black, Black

Promotions to the next rank typically take 2-3 months. Once a student earns “Red & Black”, he or she will train 6-12 months in order to be tested for the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt.

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